Since the birth of Straight Services, we have paired up with Numatic Portugal (Portuguese branch of Numatic) in Algarve, as well as other worldly renowned brands that complement their range of products such as Dulevo, Alcor Nordeman, Fantom, Aebi Schmidt, Mazzocchia, Longo, Fibratesco, and many others -

Straight Services and Numatic present a technical assistance service with or without a contract in the purchase of equipment, sporadic renting or financing the purchases with a financial partner in the operational renting system. Purchasing equipment can go from an investment to an operational expense in your budget.

Our catalogue of professional products includes:

  • Professional and industrial vacuums (dust, water and mixed);
  • Single disc machines;
  • Pavement washers, for both sitting and standing operator
  • Pavement sweepers, for both sitting and standing operator
  • Urban Equipment;
  • Power washer for carpets, upholstery, etc.;
  • Chemical products for professional cleaning;
  • Plethora of cleaning equipment;
  • Paper;
  • Consumables (discs, mops, brushes, etc.).