About Us

About Us

Straight Services strives to help your business through a plethora of integrated services that satisfy the 3 (three) market pillars:

  • Clients - it is essential to satisfy and guarantee their fidelity
  • Staff/Collaborators - we must assure their proper service (and their recognition through clients and shareholders)
  • Shareholders - their investment is essential (and its return)

Only through these three pillars can we promote and tread a path towards the success of this company

In this age of an ever-demanding and plural market, the nature of these provisions of services demands a flexible and dynamic organization, meaning:

  • A bold strategy for the development of businesses
  • A reduced hierarchy, with a very close-knit relationship between the administration and managers, as well as an even closer relationship between the latter and clients/collaborators
  • Strong organization with teamwork and training in improving the quality of the services with a focus on motivation and effort (as well as performance).
  • Ethical, social and environmental Sustainable Development

In this current situation, we are not interested in being seen as the “biggest”, but instead as one of “the best”, respecting commitments and creating professional, trustworthy relationships.