Straight Services is responsible for the maintenance of all green areas of the Universidade do Algarve - Gambelas, Penha, Saúde and Portimão


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Service Gardening

Outdoors maintenance
A garden is a living and changing space that requires permanent care. It is important to keep it visually appealing at all times and reflect its vitality through its elements.

Garden Building
We perform garden building services from small remodelling to large interventions to individuals and businesses.

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Service Cleaning

Straight Services Lda is focussed on providing various professional cleaning services to all kinds of businesses and private residences.

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Service Window Cleaning

Straight Services possesses a competent window cleaning team that provide their services to various clients (from hotel units to the most varied homes).

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Service Chemicals

Because every business, entity or institution has different methods of sanitizing, we possess a range of hygiene and cleaning products. As such, we have paired from the very start with Alcor Nordeman products

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Service Equipment

Since the birth of Straight Services (Feb. 2015), we have paired up with Numatic Portugal (Portuguese branch of Numatic) in Algarve, as well as other worldly renowned brands that complement their range of products such as Dulevo, Alcornordeman, Fantom, AebiSchmidt, Mazzocchia, Longo, Fibratesco, and many others -

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Service Forest Clearing

Through proactive practices, we have competent teams ready for clearing and deforesting fields (as well as cleaning/pruning trees)

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WELCOME TO Straight2U.

Straight Services strives to help your business through a plethora of integrated services. Due to the gained experience in its branches, most requests demand not only a quality service, but most importantly a consulting and counselling service according to the client's needs. This will help us deliver the best solutions for each issue.